My Work


Since Überology was founded in 2013, I have had the good fortune to work on a variety of projects, in a range of settings.

The work includes a mix of new programme set-up, writing projects, events, coaching support and delivering learning programmes and networks.

Past and present clients include: NHS England, Health Innovation Network, Imperial College Health Partners, Transforming Health, Macmillan, Clever Together, NHS Improving Quality and Health Education South London.



Providing The Support You Need …

My aim is to provide everything you need for your programme, project or event to be a success, including effective stakeholder engagement, rigorous planning and sustainable implementation.

Improving the Experience of Care

Health and social care services need to improve the experience they give their staff, service users, carers and families.  Improving people’s experience of services will require change across all parts of the system, in particular opportunities to develop:

  • leaders who are interested in improving experience and prepared to practice what they preach
  • people who have the chance to give feedback and participate in their own care
  • staff who feel part of and are skilled in this improvement process
  • new ways of working across the whole system
  • evidence that things are improving.

I particularly enjoy helping organisations, both commissioners and providers of services, to create their vision, strategy and action plan for engaging with service users and their families and delivering a great experience for their staff and the people they care for.