Our Work

Providing The Support You Need …

Our aim is to provide everything you need for your programme, event or service improvement activity to be a success.

We can help you with:

Programme Management

We have experience of designing and delivering programmes of all sizes, from smaller start-ups to national, large-scale change endeavours.

We have helped national organisations such as NHS England, Macmillan Cancer and local Clinical Commissioning Groups, Academic Health Science Networks, Health Education England, Universities and charities.

We often work in partnership with other agencies, if you need a bit of extra support or expertise please get in touch.

Case Study: RM Partners Cancer Vanguard.

We worked with stakeholders to scope what was required to design and test a system that collects cancer patient experience feedback across the whole cancer pathway: referral, through to treatment and beyond. This has potential to be the largest real-time cancer feedback system in the world.

We created a service specification and competitive process to find the right supplier and supported the launch and management of the system.

Case Study: Health Innovation Network

We supported the South London health community to start their Dementia Programme, including stakeholder engagement, crowd-sourcing, working with people with dementia and their carers and an interactive launch event to identify and prioritise themes.

We recruited the groups to steer the programme, ran a crowd-sourcing exercise (with Clever Together), listening sessions with people with dementia and their carers and then shared and tested the identified themes and challenges at an interactive workshop. Groups then pitched the programme ideas and prioritised potential initiatives.

Service Improvement

We focus our service improvement and innovation support on helping organisations to design and improve the experience of people who use services.

In addition we help organisations to co-design with staff and service users.

Case Study: Imperial College Health Partners (ICHP)

Development of Participation and Co-Design Framework Tool-Kit and Payment Principles.

We interviewed a range of people – patients, clinicians, managers, commissioners, volunteers and improvement experts – to identify the opportunities and challenges. We developed an interactive guide, based on national and international best practice in participation and co-design. The payment of volunteers was considered and guidance developed.

Case Study: Health Innovation Network

Supporting the safety collaborative catheter care programme.

The Catheter Care Project sought to empower both patients and professionals to question current practices, improve knowledge and reduce stigma associated with catheters. We worked with Age UK to develop patient and health professional materials including an animation and Magneto Films to create a portfolio of films describing the challenges with delivering safe catheter care.

Events & Networks

Überology events are unconventional and high energy: attendees report feeling inspired and rejuvenated.

We can help you with:

  • The design, marketing and delivery of conferences, workshops, seminars and co-design meetings.
  • Design and development of leadership and learning programmes.
  • Development of virtual and face-to-face networks.
  • Event facilitation and leadership coaching.
Case Study: NHS England

We supported a series of annual events focussing on mental health safety: Reducing Mental Health Related Homicide, Preventing Suicide and Mental Health Patient Safety.

The events enabled families, police, health services, social care, voluntary sector and policy makers to come together and develop a shared vision and some practical changes that could happen quickly.

A mix of family stories, police and healthcare case-studies using film and photography enabled people to start to work in partnership to learn from these incidents.

This work continues with development of guidance for families and staff during independent investigations.

Case Study: Health Innovation Network – South London

We have delivered a number of events for HIN, including:

  • Experience Network Launch.
  • Service-User Led Participation.
  • Experience Based Co-Design.
  • Think Global, Act Local.
  • The secrets of storytelling.
  • Schwartz Breakfast.
  • We The Patients – the language of involvement.
  • Social Prescribing
  • Long Term Conditions

Research & Writing

We can help you with writing projects, including the development of guidance, case studies, features, web-based content, films and pod-casts.

Case Study: Transforming Health and Macmillan Cancer

We researched the cancer patient experience in a range of locations across the UK, with a particular focus on the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey and supported the development of a set of case studies.