Director, Organisational Redesign and Performance Excellence, Eastern Health, Victoria, Australia.

Coming from Australia, we don’t have groups/services like the Health Innovation Network, so we didn’t know what to expect.  I wish we did have groups similar to yours as I can see very clearly the ‘value add’ to individual services that you work with but also to the broader health system.

The whole group were very pleased with the sessions and information put together for us.  As a group, we were all able to meet with relevant hospital staff and see relevant practices/places to meet our group and individual needs. We were so happy to have someone to show us around and to put us in contact with so many committed health care professionals.

We wanted to be able to see what was the same, what was different and what could we learn and implement in our health service to improve the care and experience of our patients.  We certainly walked away with a long list of things that we could do differently and better.