“Überology associates are inventive, imaginative, fun to work with and incredibly productive.”

Sam Hudson


Founder of Überology, oversees everything, tries to bring a new perspective to challenges. My guiding principle is partnership working.

Carla Elkins


Has extensive experience of engaging both healthcare professionals and service users. Carla is so organised we suspect she may have magical powers.

Fay Sibley


An experienced Paramedic and service improvement specialist who uses visual language to facilitate and generate conversation.  Fay’s imaginative approach and determination is helping people to turn their ideas into reality.

Ali Winstanley


Ali is an artist and photographer and with her skills in engagement has worked on a number of innovative projects.  In addition, she is a wizz at organising events and project management. 

Ben Hudson


Ben is studying Philosophy at Leeds Uni and helping us part-time – we are making the most of his analytical skills and his ability to recognise the needs of young people. He is our go-to support for anything involving new software and social media and is super quick at picking up the complexities of the projects we work on.


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