I have been trying this with small groups and it’s proving to be a great way to start conversations about purpose, values, talents, creativity and personal brand.

Like all good ice-breakers, it’s very simple and you can change the breadth of the questions depending on the group.

I had great fun sourcing my toy figures.  The first few were found at a flea market in New York.  Actually, if the truth be known, I bought them first and then came up with the idea for how to use them.  Finding the postcards was easy as I have an ever-growing collection from art gallery shops (no gallery visit is complete without some time spent in the shop).

So, once you have done the hello’s, do a quick relaxation/grounding exercise and then:

1: Everyone chooses a postcard or toy figure that represents one of the following:

“On a good day, work means to me…”

“I am part of this team/working here because …”

“What special talent/super power do I have (that isn’t on my cv)?”

Remember, all superheroes have a weakness (eg: kryptonite) – what’s yours?

2:  Let everyone know that they need to be prepared to share their thoughts with those present.  Don’t be strict, encourage people to talk about anything they like.

3:  As facilitator take part yourself.

4:  Once everyone has had a chance to speak about what they chose and why, spend some time reflecting on the experience.

6:  Take a photo.

Next – I am going to try this at an innovation project start-up meeting as a way to find out what different members of the team are hoping to bring to the endeavour.